Dialogue with all Stakeholders

Basis for strategy and reporting

Viable solutions for sustainability can only be developed through a dialogue with all social groups – at the local, regional and international levels. We therefore continuously seek a dialogue with all stakeholders, including customers, consumers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, local communities, government authorities, associations, non-governmental organizations, and academia. This dialogue shows us which aspects of sustainable development are of particular interest to individual stakeholder groups. The earlier and the more intensively we engage with the views of our stakeholders regarding future social challenges, the better and the more quickly we will be able to take these into account in our actions.

This open exchange offers a basis for mutual understanding and an opportunity to attain social acceptance of our entrepreneurial actions. Furthermore, it is a source of new ideas for the company and allows us to identify potential risks that may be associated with our actions at an early stage. The stakeholder dialogue thus makes an important contribution to our innovation management and risk management and forms the basis for the further development of our sustainability strategy and our sustainability reporting.

Photo Carsten Tilger, Member of the Henkel Sustainability Council for Corporate Communications.

“The variety of topics that interest our stakeholders and the information they request is constantly growing. Choosing the appropriate communication channels and suitable forms of presentation for each specific target group is therefore becoming more and more important. In all cases, we consider it essential to communicate in a way that is open, consistent and authentic. Only then can the complex topic of sustainability be communicated in a credible manner.”

Carsten Tilger
Member of the Henkel Sustainability Council for Corporate Communications.

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Sustainability as a societal challenge

We welcome the growing public interest in the sustainability of corporate activities and the fact that the topic is increasingly discussed at all levels of society. Sustainable consumption can only be achieved if we all work together.

This is why we cooperate closely with our partners throughout the value chain to jointly address the overall challenge that sustainable development poses to society as a whole. In international initiatives, we and our partners develop a variety of solutions, such as for the responsible purchasing of our raw materials and ingredients. The exchange of ideas with our industrial customers leads to the development of process improvements that make a decisive contribution to the conservation of resources.

We use our experience and our role as a sustainability leader to actively contribute to the debate regarding sustainable lifestyles of future generations. We express this engagement in national and international associations, working groups and at conferences – for example in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the multi-stakeholder initiative “Forum Waschen” (washing forum), the UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption (CSCP), and in the Consumer Goods Forum, which was established in 2009. In a direct dialogue with consumers over consumer telephone lines and through action days and market research projects, we provide information, above all, about the resource-conserving use of our products. Alongside the ongoing exchange of ideas with customers, employees, neighbors, government authorities and research institutes, Henkel has always maintained an intensive dialogue with analysts and investors. Over the last years, institutional investors and specialized analysts and portfolio managers have gained more and more importance.