Examples of our integrated dialogue approach – aligned to our stakeholders

In 2010, we again attended and organized a number of different events to promote direct exchanges. These ranged from employee workshops and customers trainings to round tables discussion and the participation in international initiatives. In many countries we engaged in an exchange of views with experts from the fields of politics, business and science. During 2010 Henkel took part in 120 sustainability events in 25 countries worldwide.

Strengthening awareness of sustainability

The daily conduct of our approximately 48,000 employees plays a key role in ensuring that sustainability does not remain merely an abstract intention. Only if all employees know and understand the principles of sustainability will they become a guideline to behavior and decision-making in day-to-day work. It is for this reason that, in the course of the Vision and Values workshops conducted in 2010, all Henkel employees defined what our “sustainability” corporate value means for them, for their team, and for Henkel. Furthermore, through regular communication – such as in employee newspapers or various training programs – we point out the diverse areas where sustainability can provide inspiration in each employee’s own job. Work modules on sustainability are also an inherent part of our vocational and advanced training programs. In cross-functional workshops on specific topics – such as logistics, packaging or purchasing – our employees not only create a shared knowledge base, but ensure that the solutions developed take into account all aspects of sustainable development. The employees themselves also initiate projects worldwide designed to intensify the awareness of their co-workers and of external stakeholders. In Brazil, for example, a fashion show entitled “Trash to Fashion” is organized annually to draw attention to the topics of waste and recycling.

Photo Workshop on human rights

Workshop on human rights: In collaboration with an external trainer, an interdisciplinary team of Henkel employees analyzed human rights issues to determine relevance and risks for Henkel. The participants came from the corporate functions of strategy, human resources, compliance, purchasing, and corporate communications.

Education for sustainable development

Henkel places great importance on reaching out beyond its own direct sphere of influence when addressing sustainability issues. We therefore again initiated a large number of projects and actions in 2010, especially centering around the topic of “education for sustainable development.” These included a workshop with students at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, on “Building a Vision for Sustainable Consumption in 2050.” In Germany, Italy and India, Henkel has been holding nationwide school competitions for years. In 2010, for example, Henkel again presented the Henkel Enviro Care Award in India for students participating in the Henkel EcoPetition on the topic of reducing and reusing resources in our daily lives.

Examples of our integrated dialogue approach – aligned to our stakeholders

Stakeholder  Theme
Customers and Consumers   

International: The Schwarzkopf Academy is now present in more than 52 countries worldwide. Its training courses for hairdressers range from seminars on haircutting and styling techniques to management courses. In many countries, these complement the local educational system for hairdressing professionals.
Central and Eastern Europe: In order to assure optimal and resource-conserving application of our building adhesives, Henkel establishes training centers for craftsmen. In Central and Eastern Europe, for example, Henkel Ceresit has already founded 60 training centers, which also supports the national professional education system.
International: We have developed numerous tools to demonstrate the advantages of our innovations transparently to our customers. One of these is the Value Calculator, which enables customers to see the economic benefit they will gain by using our products. The Value Calculator is currently available for more than 30 brands, including Bonderite, TecTalis, Macroplast and Macromelt.
International: The website www.about-cosmetics.com/de provides consumers with help regarding the proper and safe use of hair colorants.
International: The website www.henkel321.com from Henkel WINTeQ and Ceretherm offers customers and consumers an easy way to calculate annual energy consumption of their home. It also demonstrates the savings potential that can be achieved e.g. through adequate façade insulation.
Analysts and Investors Germany: Henkel actively seeks a dialogue with financial experts. For this reason employees of our CSR and Investor Relations departments participate in the working group “Deutsche Vereinigung für Finanzanalyse und Asset Management” (DVFA, German association for fiscal analyses and asset management) dealing with sustainable investments.
Politicians, government
authorities and non-governmental

Switzerland: 2010 offered an important forum for experts to confer: the World Conference on Detergents, held in Montreux, Switzerland, from 5 to 7 October. This was the seventh time the event had been staged at this venue since 1977. Representatives from all leading detergent manufacturers and raw materials suppliers, as well as academics, met here to discuss the conference theme of New Strategies in A Dynamic Global Economy. Henkel’s Management Board Chairman, Kasper Rorsted, delivered a keynote speech in which he stressed that innovative sustainable consumption is a challenge for the entire value chain.
Germany: A delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Trade visited Henkel in Düsseldorf in September 2010 to exchange information regarding the efficient use of energy, methods of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and socially responsible business practices.
In December, Antonio Tajani, the European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, spoke with Chief Financial Officer Dr. Lothar Steinebach and the designated Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Care, Bruno Piacenza, about sustainability and the impact of various aspects of planned legislation on Henkel’s daily business.
Germany: Henkel researchers are involved in the strategic steering committee of the German Environment Ministry’s Nano Commission, in which representatives from the scientific and business communities, government authorities, consumer organizations, and environmental groups exchange views on the opportunities and risks of nanotechnology.
Malaysia: Henkel supports the goals of the round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to find adequate ways and means for the sustainable cultivation of Palm Oil. In the year 2009, Henkel took part in the 7th meeting of the RSPO (RT7) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a visible sign of its engagement, Henkel became an official member of the RSPO in April 2008.
General public and local communities Brazil: To raise awareness among employees, their families as well as neighbors with regard to environmental protection, health, and accident prevention, Henkel Brazil continues to organize their annual fashion show “From trash to luxury”. The show makes use of creative works of art to show what is disposed of each day and make people aware of recoverable materials.
New Zealand: At our Auckland New Lynn site, Henkel employees collected production waste like plastics and cardboard for a “Trash to Fashion” event at schools to draw attention to the subject of recycling both among employees and schoolchildren.
Germany: An increasingly important communications theme for Henkel is information about the resource-conserving use of our products. As in previous years, we produced brochures and had consumer information stands to accompany the nationwide “Sustainable Washing” day in Germany.
Scientists and Universities

USA: Since 2008, Henkel researchers have been cooperating with the Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS) at Arizona State University in producing life cycle analyses for laundry detergents. The project will run for several years.

Germany: In collaboration with the Universities of Rostock and Oldenburg in Germany, we initiated the project “Sustainable Cleaning for a clean environment”. Henkel employees developed extensive materials as a resource for teaching chemistry in schools. The following materials can be downloaded and used freely:

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PDF-Download: Chemistry for Advanced

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