Awards by Our Customers

Henkel not only provides its industrial and retail partners with successful products but also shares its knowledge and expertise in relation to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Therefore, it is especially gratifying when major international business partners award Henkel for special contributions made to their own efforts in the sustainability domain:

Photo USA: Walmart Sustainability Award

USA: Walmart Sustainability Award
In June 2010, U.S. retail giant Walmart has selected Henkel to receive the “Walmart Sustainability Award”. For the second time, Henkel was recognized as the one company demonstrating the most comprehensive approach to sustainability and making a substantial contribution to Walmart’s sustainability strategy.

Photo USA: Green Excellence of the Year Award

USA: Green Excellence of the Year Award
On December 8, 2009, the international business consultants Frost & Sullivan presented their Green Excellence of the Year Award to Henkel for adhesives for mobile electronic equipment. The prize recognizes the development of the halogen-free Loctite line. Thomas Geitner (left), Executive Vice President Adhesive Technologies, was delighted to receive this honor.

Photo USA: Kellog’s Environmental Stewardship Award

USA: Kellog’s Environmental Stewardship Award
In September 2009, a team of the Henkel adhesives business in North America was the recipient of the first ever Kellogg’s Environmental Stewardship Challenge Award. The Award recognized Henkel’s contribution to Kellogg's attainment of its own ecological targets.

Photo Switzerland: Coop Natura Award

Switzerland: Coop Natura Award
In 2009, the ‘Coop Natura Preis’ (Coop Supplier Award) was conferred on Henkel in the category ‘Best Sustainability Promoter’. This prize is awarded every two years to a person or organization whose activities have made a significant contribution to enhancing the sustainability of the standard product range of this Swiss retail company. Its laundry and home care products represent a persuasive combination of ecological compatibility, quality and performance.

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