Living a “winning culture”

Our global team is our most important asset for a successful future

Henkel is a company that operates globally. 80 percent of our employees work outside of Germany. This international character and diversity call for a shared vision and actively lived corporate values as an element that unites us worldwide. In 2010, the vision was redefined and the values were reformulated to help establish a winning culture at Henkel. This culture is shaped by people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

It demands individual responsibility, rewards personal best performances, and is based on fairness and team spirit. Its foundations are always to be found in the behavioral rules established in our Code of Conduct – such as respect for the personal dignity and privacy rights of all employees and adherence to the principles of equality and fairness. We support the development of a winning culture through our sustainable human resources management policies. These cover all human resources activities, from employee recruitment and staff retention to education and training programs, including topics such as performance assessment, compensation, diversity, and health management.

Photo Kathrin Menges, Head of Global Human Resources.

“Our employees expect a corporate culture with which they can identify and which they can help to shape. This is why we have held workshops to accompany the introduction of our new vision and reformulated values in which all Henkel employees worldwide have taken part. After all, a winning culture can only be established if all employees commit to the vision and values – and live them at Henkel on a day-to-day basis.”

Kathrin Menges
Head of Global Human Resources.

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An important project in 2010 was to familiarize all of our employees with our new vision and reformulated values. Only if all employees know and understand their company’s values will they become the foundation for the choices and decisions made every day throughout the company. Therefore, in 2010 all managers in all Henkel regions carried out Vision and Values workshops with their staff, working as a team to fill them with life.

Creating a common approach worldwide

Photo Vision and Values workshop

The kick-off of the Vision and Values workshops worldwide took place on Henkel Day, September 24, 2010: Whether they were in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, or the USA – all over the world, teams of Henkel employees were discussing the new vision and the reformulated values with their supervisors. By the end of 2010, all employees had taken part in a workshop. At the center of every workshop was the Dialog Map poster, a format that helped managers and their teams to conduct an active dialogue regarding the new vision and values. At the end of the workshop, which lasted about three hours, each team put together a concrete plan of action, along with a timeline, and assigned responsibilities for its implementation. The Dialog Map made it possible to precisely define these plans and to put them in written form. The Vision and Values workshops demonstrate how we at Henkel live our vision and values: by dialoguing and working as a team. A shared understanding of our entrepreneurial spirit is a prerequisite for our success. The values provide guidance to our employees in all of the decisions they make in the course of day-to-day business. Each individual employee thus does his or her part to make our vision into a reality.