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Diversity is an important component of our corporate culture. The experience, talents and skills of our employees reflect the diversity of our markets and customers. We are convinced that the different cultures and competencies of our employees help us to understand our markets better and to ensure our long-term success. It is a source of creative, innovative and economic strength. We therefore further each employee’s abilities and appreciate their individual characters and special qualities as valuable to the company. This appreciation is embodied in our Code of Conduct and the Code of Teamwork & Leadership.

In June 2009, the Henkel Management Board approved a Global Diversity & Inclusion Policy. The policy includes a uniform definition of these two terms and documents measures for their implementation. For this purpose, we also appointed an international team of diversity ambassadors in 2009. Their task is to encourage and implement local projects and initiatives.

We want to have the best teams – irrespective of the age, gender and nationality of their members. We select our employees on the basis of competence and potential, rather than to satisfy quotas. In this context, we strive to identify and eliminate barriers that limit individual development perspectives. Diverse programs such as “Women in Leadership”, mentoring programs and networking activities enhance this perspective.

Worldwide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion

In 2010, on the basis of the Diversity & Inclusion Policy approved in 2009, our Henkel diversity ambassadors set up local networks and working groups on various topics all over the world. In particular, these included mentoring programs in which experienced managers (mentors) share their knowledge with junior managers (mentees) in an informal setting, thus helping their younger colleagues to develop their professional and personal skills. Another focus was on initiatives revolving around family-career balance. We also support the Friends of the German Diversity Charter through financial and personal engagement, to encourage further discussion of the topic of diversity in Germany. Furthermore, in 2010, our “Family and Career” certificate was renewed following an audit and is now valid until 2013.

Initiatives of our diversity team in 2010

Country/Region Instrument
USA, Russia and Germany:Start of mentoring programs, kick-off in Russia, followed by the USA and Germany.
Benelux: Expansion of the existing cross-generational mentoring program to all business units. This led to greater employee satisfaction. Mentees report an increase in their self-confidence and greater understanding. Mentors feel valued as they pass on their experience and learn about the way younger co-workers work and think.
Mexico: Introduction of special work-life balance measures to support women in managerial positions, so that they can better concentrate and be more productive when they are working.
Italy: Focus group interviews resulting in guidelines for working at home for women and men, to improve their work-life balance.
France: Audit of the family-career balance over the course of two years. The audit kicked off with focus group interviews and an employee survey on the intranet.
Germany Second Women’s Networking Day by the women’s network at the Düsseldorf site. As a result, female managers are enjoying greater visibility, and new members have joined the women’s network. Germany: Continued outreach to new managers by the Henkel Networking Circle, as well as integration of employees who had transferred to Germany from other countries by the “Expatriate Network.” Both networks supported the international week at the Düsseldorf site. Its goal was to promote even better understanding among the employees of different nationalities at the site.

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