Sustainability Management based on globally uniform standards

At the core of our strategic focus on sustainability are globally uniform standards, integrated management systems, and an organizational structure with clearly defined responsibilities. A decisive factor is the interplay of company-wide control instruments and regional action programs, aligned to social challenges and priorities.

Organization for sustainability

The Henkel Management Board bears overall responsibility for our sustainability policy. The Sustainability Council, whose members are drawn from all areas of the company, is headed by the Chairman of the Management Board. As a central decision-making body, it steers Henkel’s global sustainability activities. Its members represent the business sectors and all corporate functions.

Management based on globally uniform standards

From our Vision and our Corporate Values, we have formulated globally binding behavioral rules which are specified in a series of codes and standards. In all business areas and cultures in which we operate, they provide guidance for the behavior and actions of all of our employees. The Code of Conduct contains general corporate principles and behavioral rules. It helps employees to respond correctly and appropriately in everyday situations when faced with ethical and legal issues. The Code of Teamwork and Leadership provides guidance for the conduct of managerial and non-managerial staff at all levels. The Code of Corporate Sustainability describes our principles in regard to sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility. It is given concrete form by company-wide standards for safety, health and the environment, purchasing standards, and social standards. In the social standards we have integrated central requirements derived from the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developent (OECD), the Social Accountability Standard (SA 8000), and the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO). In 2010 we introduced the Representation of Interests in Public Affairs standard. We verify compliance with our standards through regular audits.

Together, the codes and standards are the basis for Henkel’s implementation of the United Nations Global Compact initiative.