Photo Kasper Rorsted, Chairman of the Management Board
Handwriting Dear Readers

2010 was an outstanding year for Henkel. Not only have we made considerable progress toward achieving our financial targets for 2012, but in 2010 we already achieved the sustainability targets we had set for 2012. Our excellent sustainability performance was again confirmed numerous times by external ratings. These successes are a strong confirmation of our approach and inspire us to do even better in the future. We are committed to being a leader in sustainability.

We are facing major challenges globally. World population continues to grow unabatedly, particularly in the emerging markets. Growing affluence in these regions is also altering consumption patterns. As a result, resource consumption will be accelerating dramatically in the coming decades. Growth and quality of life need to be decoupled from resource consumption and emissions. Forgoing consumption and the related quality of life is not, however, a realistic option. This means that innovative products and processes will be vital to all efforts to achieve sustainable consumption. As an inherent part of our commitment, all of our new products must therefore contribute to sustainability in at least one of our five focal areas.

Sustainable solutions for the challenges at hand can only be developed in collaboration with our industrial and retail partners, as well as with our suppliers and consumers. We view cooperation throughout the entire value chain and the promotion of sustainable consumption as key responsibilities in the coming years. If everyone does their part, by 2030 we will be able to considerably enhance the performance of our products while substantially reducing resource consumption and emissions. The result will be a marked increase in efficiency. To achieve this goal, we seek a dialogue with all stakeholders.

Responsible action begins with each and every individual. Our vision of being a global leader with our brands and technologies defines a clear objective which guides every Henkel employee. To emphasize the importance of sustainability, one of our five corporate values states that: “We are committed to leadership in sustainability.” This is important for us as a company because we are convinced that sustainability and business success are inseparably linked.

Kasper Rorsted
Chairman of the Management Board

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