Interview with Kathrin Menges, Member of the Henkel Sustainability Council for Human Resources Management

What does a “winning culture” mean for employees?

Kathrin Menges: A winning culture is characterized by strong achievement orientation and the will to succeed. We at Henkel have the will to be the best in everything we do. This means that we challenge and encourage our employees and reward them for excellent performance.

How can excellent performance be measured?

Kathrin Menges: At regular intervals, we review the feedback and evaluation processes at Henkel. This is necessary because the work environment is constantly changing. Most recently, we refined our system for assessing the performance and potential of our managers. Our employees profit from this system, as it makes the feedback from their supervisors on their performance and their potential even clearer and more transparent than before. Once the process has been completed, all of our staff knows where they stand, what is expected from them, and how he they can continue to develop. It also enables supervisors to compare the performance of their team members and assess them in regard to the demands of their specific positions. At the same time, this transparency heightens the motivation of each individual to achieve excellence. And we reward this, of course.

So this benefits both the company and its employees?

Kathrin Menges: Yes, most definitely, because employees rightly expect their performance to be recognized and rewarded. And they expect a corporate culture with which they can identify and which they can help to shape. For example, when we introduced our new vision and our new values, all Henkel employees worldwide took part in a Vision and Values workshop. After all, establishing a winning culture can only succeed if all employees commit to the new vision and the new values – and live them at Henkel in their day-to-day work.

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