Emissions and Waste

Graphic Index curve

To ensure the comparability of the annual data, we also plot their progress as index curves relative to the volume of production (per metric ton of output). The base for the index curve is the year 2006 (= 100 percent).

Graphic Carbon dioxide emissions
Graphic Sulfur dioxide emissions
Graphic Nitrogen oxide emissions
Graphic Dust emissions
Graphic Emissions of volatile organic compounds
Graphic Water consumption and volume of wastewater
Graphic COD emissions to surface waters
Graphic Emissions of heavy metals to wastewater

As zinc is usually less harmful than other heavy metals in terms of its effects on the environment, the zinc load is shown separately.

Graphic Waste for recycling and disposal

Because individual countries continue to extend their list of hazardous wastes, it is possible for the volume of hazardous waste to increase without any change having occurred in the waste situation at Henkel.

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