Henkel Sustainability Report 2010

Boituva, Brazil, March 2008

Operational IncidentMeasures Initiated
At our site in Boituva, about two cubic meters of a mixture of water and solvent overflowed from the containment system, ran into the site’s rainwater drainage system, and emerged on land outside the site. The Henkel emergency team reacted at once in a professional manner and cleaned up the area, therefore the local authorities did not impose a fine. A final analysis of the soil and groundwater showed no further pollution of the affected area.A root cause analysis showed that a failure in the system for monitoring the addition of the solvent caused first a vessel and then the containment system to overflow. We immediately informed the environmental authorities and took all necessary action to minimize the consequences outside the Henkel premises. The plant was repaired, and a list of preventive actions was drawn up to improve the safety of this and similar processes, and to avoid the occurrence of such incidents in the future.