Photo Henko with antibacterial Neem
Henko with antibacterial Neem

In India, our Henko laundry detergent with antibacterial Neem protects laundry gently against bacteria. Neem is a natural raw material obtained from the native Neem trees, and it is well known in India for its antibacterial effect and skin compatibility. To make the product performance accessible to consumers with low purchasing power as well, Henko with antibacterial Neem is also available in single-use packs and as a soap bar.

Logo „Laundry Sustainability Project“
“Laundry Sustainability Project”

Conserving natural resources is one of the goals of a number of initiatives of the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E.). In the course of these, the performance of Henkel laundry detergents has been continuously improved in Western Europe while progressively reducing the necessary dosages and washing temperatures. Since 2006, Henkel has been involved in the “Laundry Sustainability Project” of the A.I.S.E. in the EU New Member States and Candidate Countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and in a number of neighboring countries, with the aim of contributing toward resource- conserving laundry practices there, too. The objective of the project is to reduce the consumption of chemicals, packaging and energy during production and transport as well as the use phase.

As part of the “Laundry Sustainability Project,” the participating manufacturers commit to putting on the market modern and efficient compact powder detergents to replace traditional heavy-duty detergents. Newly reformulated laundry detergents from Henkel have made it possible to reduce the necessary dosage per wash cycle in Central and Eastern Europe by one third (from 150 to 100 grams). To help consumers become accustomed to the lower dosage amounts, an appropriately graduated scoop is enclosed in each package of powder detergent. The compact powder detergents can be recognized by the EuroCompact logo on the pack.

Photo MAS


MAS – Less packaging, lower price

The various Mas product lines of liquid laundry detergents that we market in Mexico used to be offered in packaging units of at least one liter. Now all varieties of Mas are also available in 500 milliliter stand-up pouches. This new packaging form has two advantages. First, the stand-up pouch itself weighs 74 percent less than the one-liter bottle and thus contributes to savings in packaging materials. Second, the reduction in product size and packaging material means that the product can be sold at a much lower price, making it more accessible to consumers in lower income brackets.


Photo Nadhif – Radiant white
Nadhif – Radiant white

A key factor in Henkel’s worldwide success is the adaptation of its products to the regionally specific wishes and needs of consumers. In many North African countries, for example, white garments are traditionally worn, so consumers judge the whiteness of freshly washed laundry very critically. To satisfy this demand, the laundry detergents Nadhif in Tunisia and Isis in Algeria contain special ingredients to give the laundry a radiantly white appearance. When the garments are then hung in the sun to dry, the ingredients in Nadhif and Isis continue their work, combating stains and enhancing whiteness. As a result, the laundry is not only radiantly white, but does not need to be washed as frequently, thus conserving valuable water. In Mexico, where laundry is also often hung in the sun to dry, these ingredients have been included just as successfully in the 1-2-3 detergent brand.

Photo Nadhif Semi-Automatic
Nadhif Semi-Automatic – Saving valuable water

A key factor in Henkel’s worldwide success is the adaptation of its products to the regionally specific wishes and needs of consumers. In Tunisia, for example, semi-automatic washing machines account for about two thirds of the market. Using conventional laundry detergents in these machines leads to increased foam levels. The adjustment of the formulation of Nadhif Semi-Automatic to the needs of semi-automatic washing machines prevents excessive foaming and enables the foam formed during washing to be rinsed out more easily – with the same powerful cleaning performance. This eliminates the need for an additional rinse and saves valuable water.

Photo Persil Actic Power / Purex Cold Water

Persil Actic Power / Purex Cold Water

Small, powerful and convenient – that’s Persil Actic Power, our liquid laundry detergent that develops its washing power at just 15° Celsius, thanks to even better performing enzymes. Persil Actic Power delivers the same washing performance with just half the previous dosage. Washing laundry at lower temperatures not only lowers energy consumption and therefore CO2-emissions, but also puts money back in our consumers’ pockets.

Photo Persil
Persil – Top cleaning performance at just 20 degrees Celsius

The permanent challenge facing the product developers of our laundry detergents and household cleaners is how to achieve better and better washing performance with even lower energy consumption. The key to success lies in skilful blending of the individual ingredients. As in an orchestra, all of the components must harmonize perfectly; even the slightest change can have a huge effect on overall performance. Our product developers again succeeded in significantly improving the performance of our European premium laundry detergents Persil, Le Chat, Dixan and Wipp. The new formulations remove more than 20 types of stain, including lipstick, grease and coffee, more efficiently at just 20 degrees Celsius. In comparison with laundry washing programs at 30 degrees Celsius, washing at 20 degrees Celsius can cut the energy consumption of washing machines by up to 40 percent.

Photo Persil Hygiene Rinse + DAC Desinfectant
Persil Hygiene Rinse + DAC Desinfectant

In our markets in the Middle East and North Africa, our Dac Disinfectant ensures first-class cleaning and prevents new bacterial growth for 24 hours. Persil Hygiene Rinse eliminates up to 99.99 percent of all bacteria, even during low-temperature wash cycles.

Photo Pril Liquid
With lime and vinegar: Dishwashing in India

The strategy of adapting our products to satisfy the regionally specific wishes and needs of consumers has enabled Pril Liquid to win around 75 percent of the liquid dishwashing detergent market in India. However, these detergents are too expensive for a considerable segment of the population. To offer innovative and high performance products to consumers with less spending power, Henkel has brought out a bar soap dishwashing product. Conventional bar soaps are good at removing grease and fat, but cannot neutralize the odors of the strong spices used in India. Henkel responded to this problem by launching its Pril Lime and Vinegar bar soap. It eliminates odors from dishes and has excellent grease dissolving properties. With the Pril bar soap, Henkel was able to open up a new market segment.

Photo Pur Power Crystals

Pur Power Crystals
The salt crystals in the manual dishwashing detergents bind with the sponge. They thus maintain the anti-grease power up to four times longer – with the same dosage.

Photo Purex Complete 3-in-1

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets have taken laundry detergent concentrates to a new level in the USA. Thanks to the 10 times concentrated detergent formula, one laundry sheet contains all of the detergent, softener and anti-static needed for one wash cycle and the following dryer cycle. The low weight and volume reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with transport by almost 70 percent, and the Laundry Sheet refill pouch generates 45 percent less packaging waste – in both cases, in comparison with a bottle of a conventional laundry detergent concentrate. The switch from plastic packaging to cardboard increases the recycling rate. In the USA, the recycling rate for paper is more than 60 percent, as opposed to only 7 percent for plastic.

Photo Purex Natural Elements
Purex Natural Elements – Eco-performance recognized

Our liquid laundry detergent Purex Natural Elements was the first leading detergent brand to be included in the “Design for the Environment” program of the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The program recognizes consumer products that are particularly compatible with the environment and human health. The doubly concentrated formulation of Purex Natural Elements achieves a consistently high washing performance with just half of the traditional dosage. All surfactants (washing active substances) used are derived from renewable raw materials. The formulation contains natural fragrance extracts and is free of artificial colorants. All ingredients are readily biodegradable.

Photo Purex Ultra Concentrate
Purex Ultra Concentrate – 100 percent natural washing power

In the USA, we have worked intensively to improve the eco-efficiency of our laundry detergents. In 2007, all our liquid laundry detergents were reformulated as concentrates. The optimized formulation of Purex Ultra Concentrate now delivers the same washing performance with just half the previous dosage. Consumers thus obtain the full washing power of Purex in a bottle only half as large as before. This not only saves water and packaging material during production, but also significantly reduces transport weights and volumes, thereby saving several million liters of fuel during distribution.


Photo Somat Perfect Gel

Somat Perfect Gel

Our innovations are used daily in millions of households, and therefore offer great potential to actively help to shape more sustainable lifestyles. For example, we work continuously to develop dishwasher detergents that deliver excellent cleaning performance at ever lower temperatures. One such product is Somat Perfect Gel, which our researchers developed in cooperation with raw material suppliers and which is particularly efficient in water- and energysaving dishwashing programs. The innovative gel formulation ensures that the detergent takes effect immediately and removes even stubborn stains in programs with temperatures as low as 40 degrees Celsius. Relative to comparable programs at 50 or 55 degrees Celsius, consumers can achieve energy savings of 20 percent on average, depending on the type of dishwasher. This product, developed by the Laundry & Home Care business sector, shows in exemplary fashion how our employees always have the Henkel values in mind. Somat Perfect Gel helps to save resources and thus conserve the environment, and offers added value to our consumers.

Photo Terra
Terra – For a cleaner today and tomorrow

Conserving the environment without relinquishing quality of life is a core need for more and more consumers. This is why the Terra brand exists. Its active ingredients are mainly obtained from plants rather than mineral oil. Whether it be bathroom, glass, universal or toilet cleaners, dishwasher detergents, or liquid laundry detergents (color and universal), for each individual type of Terra product, the greatest possible proportion of plant-based active ingredients were selected – without compromising on the excellent performance of the products.

Photo Vernel
Vernel – Fewer rinses

In all parts of the world, local consumer needs and washing habits make widely varying demands on laundry detergents. In North Africa, for example, doing the laundry is still hard work. Laundry is often washed by hand, and many homes have no running water. The scarcity of water necessitates careful use of this limited resource. Henkel has therefore developed a fabric softener with special ingredients that enables washing foam to be rinsed out very easily by hand. This technology – previously only available in the Latin American markets – was introduced under the Vernel brand in Egypt and Tunisia. The reduction in the number of rinses can save up to ten liters of water per laundry load. Moreover, less effort is required for manual washing. In addition to regular packaging sizes, Vernel is also offered as single-use packs (85 ml) to make it accessible to a broad group of people.

Photo Vernel Max
Vernel Max – All-around efficiency

Fourfold concentration of the Vernel Max fabric softener concentrates we market in Turkey has allowed the traditional dosage to be reduced by more than 75 percent, from 110 to 24 milliliters, while providing the same excellent softening effect and fragrance. The product can now be packed in a 1-liter rather than a 4-liter bottle, thus saving material and water during production, and increasing logistical efficiency.


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