Social Engagement

We are committed to society

We are committed to society social engagement has been firmly anchored in our corporate culture and our corporate values since the company was founded. This is reflected in the daily actions of our employees. Henkel Smile provides the umbrella for the company’s international corporate citizenship activities extending beyond direct business interests. Working together with customers, consumers, and non-profit organizations, we are globally active in three areas: supporting employee volunteering, emergency aid, and corporate and brand engagement for the good of society.

Henkel Smile in figures

Social engagement (as of December 31) 2008 2009 2010
Total number of projects supported 2,476 2,155 2,493
Number of people supported 500.000 730.000
Time off from work for employee-initiated
projects (days)



Donations in thousand euros (financial and
product donations, not counting time off)



Financial donations for employee-initiated
projects as a percentage of total donations

42 %

55 %

41 %

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The total number of projects includes employee-initiated projects, emergency aid and charitable projects supported by the company. The “number of people supported” was recorded for the first time in 2009. Employees can request a maximum of five days time off from work per year.

This is based on the conviction that solutions which are jointly reached on a basis of partnership will benefit all concerned. To achieve enduring progress, we focus on helping people to help themselves. Employees and retirees are the impetus of Henkel’s worldwide corporate citizenship engagement. They are at the core of any Henkel Smile project, from selection, organization and management, to active participation.

We are convinced that encouraging volunteer work benefits everyone involved: society, the company and the employees themselves. Employees now expect companies to make a contribution to society. They also want to make a contribution themselves, with the help of their employer. Through their projects, our employees worldwide demonstrate their sense of responsibility, their leadership qualities, and their ability to work in a team. The bonds between employees and retirees are strengthened by their shared commitment to volunteer work. Regions and communities benefit from these volunteer efforts, as Henkel employees and retirees address local challenges and provide targeted support where it is needed. Worldwide, our projects make numerous contributions to achieving global development objectives, such as the United Nations’ eight Millennium Development Goals, which are to be reached by the year 2015.

With Henkel Smile we have created an international harmonized communication platform for our global activities. Clear guidelines assist especially the regional implementation of Henkel Smile projects. We support activities in the areas of engagement: social needs, education and science, fitness and health, arts and culture, and environment. In 2010, the total sum provided to foster these activities was 6.1 million euros.