Implementation within Henkel

Fact is: Sustainability has to be more than an empty phrase by top management. It gains momentum when each of our some 48,000 employees all over the world assumes responsibility for it in his or her own area of responsibility – in every business unit, every function, every region. The following employees comment on the diverse opportunities and the inspiration that sustainability provides for them in their day-to-day work:

Photo Rosalinda Treviño, Head of Research & Development, Laundry & Home Care

Rosalinda Treviño
Head of Research & Development, Laundry & Home Care

“For us, sustainability has become part of our culture of innovation. At R&D, for example, we have contributed to increasing the utilization of materials from renewable sources by up to 50% in our liquid detergents. Our powder detergents were the first in the Mexican market to have phosphate-free formulas. Our colleagues in Production have significantly optimized water and energy consumption in their processes so that we are even able to exceed the requirements of local environmental regulations. For this achievement, we were already granted certification as an ‘Industria Limpia’ (Clean Industry) by the Mexican Organization for Environment Protection in 2007. Our sustainability performance has helped us to stand out in the market.”

Photo James A. Serenson jr., Director of Marketing, Loctite

James A. Serenson jr.
Director of Marketing, Loctite

“Sustainability is an important industry trend and critical to our strategic direction. For the North American market, we have assigned dedicated resources to develop Henkel’s business in the fast-growing renewable energy markets. With our tailor-made adhesives for fuel cells and solar cells, for instance, we make important contributions to advance the development of these clean energy sources. Given the current dependency on fossil fuels and the rising prices for crude oil, working on the ‘energy sources of the future’ is both relevant and exciting.”

Photo Heike Orlich, Purchasing Manager

Heike Orlich
Purchasing Manager

“In addition to evaluating the environmental and social standards of our suppliers, purchasing contributes in many other ways to sustainability. In the surplus goods marketplace, for example, we live sustainability daily. In line with our motto ‘Sale instead of disposal,’ we offer leftover stocks resulting from changes in formulations or from experiments for sale in the market, whether these are raw materials or finished products. This reduces costs considerably, and the money earned is returned to the business sectors involved.”

Photo Günter Thumser, President Henkel Central Eastern Europe

Günter Thumser
President Henkel Central Eastern Europe

“The Henkel standards for safety, health and the environment are considered extremely important, particularly in growth markets such as those in Eastern Europe. They serve as a checklist for planned acquisitions and provide orientation and start-up assistance for the creation of safe and clean production processes. The Henkel standards also make us a model for many local companies and business partners. Furthermore, the standards clearly remind us of the responsibility of each individual. They strengthen our image as a responsible employer in the region, especially in the minds of our own employees.”

Photo Georges Rizkallah, Supply Chain Manager, Laundry / Home Care

Georges Rizkallah
Supply Chain Manager, Laundry / Home Care

“When I joined Henkel at the end of 2005, we took on the challenge of making the Beirut plant fully compliant with the Henkel standards for safety, health & environment [SHE]. In less than three months, we managed to turn around the previously non-acceptable situation at the plant and establish a whole new safety culture. Today, we are at over 1,800 days accident-free. It was a very rewarding experience, and completely changed the way we all work and behave at our plant. Thanks to SHE standards, we are now providing our people with a safe work place and a clean environment that we are all proud of. We were successful because everyone was involved, from top management to production floor.”

Photo Isabelle Valois, Market Development Manager

Isabelle Valois
Market Development Manager

“Sustainability is not just a marketing trend, but a real chance for innovation and competitive advantage. Interview results from a survey done in 2007 showed that our industrial customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability. They expect assistance from suppliers like Henkel in reaching their own sustainability goals – such as making their processes more energy-efficient. In response to this concern, we initiated a customer-focused sustainability team with employees from different job functions within the Industrial Adhesives department – with the goal of positioning Henkel as the leading sustainability partner for our customers.”

Photo Minh Doan Nguyen Ngoc, Manager, Schwarzkopf Academy

Minh Doan Nguyen Ngoc
Manager, Schwarzkopf Academy

“Here in Vietnam, detailed knowledge about hair is vital for survival in the hairdressing business, because long, healthy hair is an important symbol of beauty. However, countries like Vietnam often lack proper training standards. With the Academy Schwarzkopf (ASK), we offer qualified, professional training to young hairdressers. The training system of ASK is also used by public institutions in Vietnam, as a reliable basis for binding national training standards, and can be expected to contribute toward raising the overall quality in hairdressing.”