Our Sustainability Objectives

Our progress in 2010: Targets reached ahead of schedule

As long ago as the 1980s, in our “Principles and Objectives of Environmental Protection and Safety,” we committed to promoting occupational health and safety, conserving resources, and reducing emissions. On the basis of the progress achieved by 2007, we defined corporate targets for our production  sites for 2012. Thanks to the high level of commitment of our employees, we were already able to achieve the targets by 2010. We are convinced that the advances in both resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness will also make an important contribution toward achieving our 2012 financial targets.

  • We have decreased energy consumption by 21 percent.
  • We were able to save 26 percent water.
  • Our waste footprint shrank by 24 percent.
  • Occupational accidents were reduced by 29 percent.
  • We have integrated our five focal areas into our innovation process.
  • All employees receive skills enhancement training as agreed during assessment meetings and as appropriate to their tasks.
  • We have incorporated standardized sustainability requirements into our supplier management process.

Company-wide targets until 2012

Graphic Company-wide targets until 2012

Sustainability performance 1998 to 2007

The company-wide targets for 2012 were defined on the basis of the progress achieved up to 2007.  In the ten years from 1998 until 2007 alone, we have reduced occupational accidents by 86 percent, water consumption by 48 percent, energy consumption by 40 percent and waste generation by 37 percent. Thanks to the savings in energy consumption, we have also been able to reduce the associated carbon dioxide emissions by 33 percent.

Sustainability performance 1998 – 2007

Graphic Sustainability performance 1998 – 2007


Environmental indicators per metric ton of output, occupational accidents per million hours worked