Social contributions by our global businesses

  • With production sites in 57 countries, we promote economic and technological development as a local employer, purchaser and investor.
  • The approximately 48,000 employees in our global team assume responsibility within their spheres of influence – in the company and in society.
  • Worldwide, our brands and technologies make a major contribution to society in our five focal areas.

Emerging and developing countries, in particular, expect multinationals such as Henkel to contribute to their economic development, in addition to paying salaries and taxes. With our business activities and therefore our added value activities our some 48,000 employees make a positive contribution for society as a whole. Through our production and administrative sites around the world, we stimulate the economic development at the local level. Through the transfer of knowledge and technologies, we support our employees and customers to assume responsibility and act accordingly. Moreover we support the volunteer work of our employees in all parts of the world.

Henkel worldwide

Graphic Henkel worldwide

Added value for society

The value added statement shows that most of the generated sales flow back into the global economy (see graphic at right). The major part – 57.6 percent – went to our employees in the form of wages and benefits. Central and local government received 10.5 percent as taxes, while lenders received 5.4 percent as interest payments. We paid 7.2 percent of sales as dividends to shareholders. The value added that remains in the company is available for investment in future growth.

Graphic Value added statement 2010