Contributions to our strategic priorities

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We are convinced that our continued focus on sustainability will help to grow the long-term value of our company and to realize our strategic priorities:

Sustainability & Business Potential: Our insistence that each new product must combine excellent performance with responsibility toward people and the environment results in increasingly efficient products and improved technical solutions. For us, the combination of quality and responsibility with ecological and social progress is the innovation driver of the future. Thereby sustainability becomes an important driver of economic growth and the generation of competitive advantages in the market. Sustainability is crucial to achieving our full business potential. Within Henkel, efficient and safe processes not only contribute to environmental protection and occupational health and safety, but also reduce resource consumption and costs.

Sustainability & Our Customers: By sharing our decades of experience in sustainability we can offer effective solutions to our customers for improving their own sustainability performance. With our brands and technologies, which combine top quality with responsibility toward people and the environment, we can position Henkel as a leading sustainability partner for our industrial customers, for retailers, and for consumers.

Sustainability & Our Global Team: Corporate social responsibility strengthens the motivation of our employees and their identification with the company – and thereby creates the basis for a strong global team. The skills and performance of our employees are key factors for ensuring the future success of our Company. Their experience, talents and skills should reflect the diversity of our markets and customers.

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